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Offer Knows Zugarramurdi

A getaway just like in movies with “the witches of Zugarramurdi”
Come and get to know Zugarramurdi, the village of witches where the last film by Alex de la Iglesia “the witches of Zugarramurdi” has been filmed.


Zugarramurdi has an interesting built heritage that is visible both in its popular architecture and in the presence of important noble houses of the late XVIII century.

1. One-day Plan. € 55 Per Person Includes:

  • One night stay bed and breakfast
  • Entry to the caves and the Museum of the Witches
  • Gift of a little witch of Zugarramurdi

2. Plan for two days. €101,50 per person.  Includes:

  • Two-day stay in bed and breakfast
  • Entries to the caves and the Museum of the Witches
  • Gift of a little witch of Zugarramurdi.

2. Extras (Optional).  Includes:

  • Lunch in the restaurant Graxiana, of Zugarramurdi
  • Dinner in the Restaurant Casino of Lesaka with special menu that includes the potato omelet winner of championship of Spain in 2003
  • A private session of relaxation in the hotel, for rest at the return of the tour

The cave of Zugarramurdi

“Sorginen Leizea” is an impressive surface karst complex located less than half a kilometer away from the town center of Zugarramurdi in a westerly direction, on the old Zugarramurdi-Sara road, which crosses it partially.

The main cavity was pierced by a current of water, still current at large, called the Regata del Infierno or “Infernuko Erreka” that crosses it forming a wide tunnel whose axis is oriented from northeast to southwest, reaching a length of 120 meters , and an amplitude of 22 to 26 meters in its Eastern end and some 12 meters in its exit or western mouth, as well as an average height of 10 to 12 meters. The set is completed with two taller galleries, similar orientation to the main gallery, which open to it.

The name of this Karst complex refers to the pagan celebrations that took place in some of its halls in antiquity and that, in the Inquisitorial Process from 1609 to 1614, were presented as evident proof that in Zugarramurdi acts were held where the Witchery.

The Museum of the Witches

This museum space inaugurated in July 2007 wants to be a place where to perpetuate the historical memory and show the visitor what the daily life of those people was like. A tribute to the people, men and women, who were victims of an outdated social situation, of a wave of witchcraft panic, and of an Inquisition that needed to impose its authority. A space of mourning and remembrance, a place to tell interesting stories, in their context, with its nuances of light and obscurantism, in a rigorous but also enjoyable and exciting way. Breaking with the folkloric image of the witches, we want to give way to that other reality of some women and men accused of improbable things, wrapped in fanciful stories, and finally burned in a bonfire.

Behind all this, there is also a whole world of legend and mythology, with Mari and Aker as protagonists; in a context of festivals and pagan rites that speak of a practice rooted in popular medicine. Research work such as Florencio Idoate, Barandiarán aita, Julio Caro Baroja, Gustav Heninngsen, José Dueso, J. Paul Arzac and Koro Irazoki, among others, have served as the basis for this project, which combines the need to protect its heritage and the exploitation of an attractive tourist resource.

  • Offer valid for double room, in low season.
  • On Monday the cave remains closed.
  • Mondays and Tuesdays The witches museum remains closed.
  • Offer not cumulative.

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